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Welcome to OnPatient.

Your personal patient portal at Loehr Health Center

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Welcome To OnPatient!

As a patient at Loehr Health Center, you will recieve an email welcoming you to join OnPatient.

OnPatient is an online patient portal that will give you 24/7 access to health information provided by our practice. We encourage all patients of Loehr Health Center to engage with our team via OnPatient.

You can use the OnPatient portal to

  • Fill out your paperwork.
  • Access reports, lab results,  and your demographic information.
  • Review your upcoming appointments.
  • Communicate with our team via secure messages.
    and more!

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How To Fill Out Your Paperwork With OnPatient

1. Sign in to OnPatient.

You should have received a welcome email from OnPatient. Click through the email to login for the first time. If you know your login, you can click the pink button to sign in:

onpatient sign in button

*Please contact us if you have not received your welcome email from OnPatient. 



2. Hit The Check-in Button.

Upon logging in, you will see a grey button that says, “Check In”. Click the grey button.


3. Fill Out Your Paperwork

Any forms you need to fill out prior to your next appointment will appear after clicking, “Check In”. If you are a new patient, you should see the title, “Onboarding forms” on the screen.

Please fill out the forms prior to your appointment.

🔥Hot tip

Filling out your paperwork ahead of time can decrease your first time in office by up to 45 minutes!



4. Click, “I’m done” upon completion.

Is everything filled out and signed?  If yes, awesome!

Click the green, “I’m done” button to submit your paperwork to Loehr Health Center.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I schedule an appointment online?

The fastest way to schedule an appointment is to call your Loehr Health Center clinic during its regular business hours. We do not currently offer online scheduling through OnPatient.

Is online bill pay available? This feature is coming soon.

One this feature is released, you will be able to view your account and pay any open invoices online.

Have a billing question?

Schedule a chat with a billing specialist

Can I speak with a doctor through OnPatient?

Yes, you can send a secure message to your provider directly through OnPatient.


You can decrease the amount of time spent in office by filling out your paperwork online.

Missed Your Welcome Email With Your Paperwork?

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