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Virtual Pediatric Class with Dr. Aimee LaBrie

Virtual Class: How To Reduce Your Baby’s Gas and Digestive Discomfort Naturally

Virtual Pediatric Class with Dr. Aimee LaBrie

HOSTED BY: The The Doula Foundation and Loehr Health Center
Have you tried all of the things to help alleviate your baby's gas? You're not alone.
Join pediatric specialist, Dr. Aimee Ammons LaBrie, as she provides tips on how to reduce your baby's gas and digestive discomfort naturally.
Missed the live event? That's okay! You can watch a recording of the class here:



This event happened live at the The Doula Foundation Virtual Classes Private Facebook Group.

On: March 5, 2020
At: 12:30PM CST

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Here are charts that will be referenced in the video:


Photo: Lindsey Balbierz

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