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Virtual Class: Self Care for Mamas

Virtual Class: Self Care for Mamas with Dr. Aimee LaBrie


Virtual Class: Self Care for Mamas

HOSTED BY: The Doula Foundation and Loehr Health Center
We get it. You have a million things to do. The dishes are not, "going to do themselves" and you can't remember the last time your little one had a good nap. In all of that holiday hustle and bustle, taking care of yourself is probably last on the list.
However, we're here to remind you that self-care is NOT selfish.  Join pediatric specialist, Dr. Aimee LaBrie, as she shares some tips on how to keep yourself healthy and provides some much needed encouragement--YOU deserve it!

Dr. LaBrie will also be answering your health questions during the event live.

This event will take place at the The Doula Foundation Virtual Classroom , private group Facebook page.

To attend the class, please
1) Go to
2) Request to be in the group
3) Fill out a couple of questions

Once you are in the Facebook group, you will also have access to other AMAZING virtual classes hosted by the Doula Foundation including prenatal+postpartum yoga, story time, breastfeeding, daddy Doula training, healthy recipes, and more!

We will see you there!