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Golden Rule Alumni

Continued Chiropractic Care On Your Terms

What is [Golden Rule Alumni]?

[Golden Rule Alumni] was designed for patients who are no longer following an active treatment plan who still want chiropractic adjustments.

You’re not alone. Here’s what others have said.

Why become a Golden Rule Alumni?

  • Healthcare your way
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Continued access to your online patient portal and private online community
  • Priority scheduling

How Does [Golden Rule Alumni] work?

Complete your treatment plan first.

There are 3 stages of chiropractic care; relief, corrective, and maintenance/wellness. To be eligible for [Golden Rule AlumniSM], you must first have completed your healthcare treatment plan with Golden Rule University.

You will then graduate to be a [Golden Rule Alumni]. Time to celebrate!
Choose your package.

Upon check-out, select the alumni package level that works for you to support your health post Golden Rule University life. Packages start as little as $19.95 per adjustment!

Come again.

Come back to visit your doctor and continue to support the foundation of leading a happy, fulfilled life—your health.

FAQs About [Golden Rule Alumni] and Insurance

What do the [Golden Rule Alumni] packages include?

All [Golden Rule Alumni] Maintenance/Wellness Care packages include chiropractic adjustment(s). The number of adjustments and therapies included will vary based on your selected package.

As an enrolled [Golden Rule Alumni], you will also receive a discount for direct primary care services with Command Family Medicine.
[Golden Rule Alumni] packages do require pre-payment (for a fixed number of adjustments) or monthly payment (for monthly packages).
There is a minimum sign-up of six-months for [Golden Rule Alumni] chiropractic maintenance/wellness packages.

What is Maintenance Care or Wellness Care?

Maintenance/Wellness Care includes services that seek to prevent disease, promote health and prolong and enhance the quality of life, or maintain or prevent deterioration of a chronic condition.

Does my health insurance cover maintenance care like GetRealU Alumni?

If you are filing health insurance, many insurance plans do cover chiropractic benefits. However, even if your insurance coverage does include chiropractic benefits, it does NOT include maintenance/wellness or supportive care.

Regardless of the number of yearly visits covered under your plan, or the number of visits you have not yet used, the insurance company will not pay for maintenance/wellness or supportive care services.

What does my insurance cover?

If you have health insurance, please contact our office. We are happy to run your insurance benefits for you, so you know exactly what is covered. If your insurance includes chiropractic benefits, insurance companies do not pay for maintenance/wellness or supportive care services like [Golden Rule Alumni] Insurance companies will pay for your adjustments, if they are, “medically necessary.” To be considered, “medically necessary”, your chiropractic adjustments must adhere to the following:

Our chiropractic adjustments must relate directly to a musculoskeletal complaint,
Your adjustments must be making functional improvements within two weeks, AND
You must follow your chiropractor’s specific treatment plan for active treatment.

Once your care does not adhere to all of the guidelines listed above, your adjustments are no longer, “medically necessary” per the insurance companies’ medical policy. Further chiropractic treatment is considered, “maintenance/wellness or supportive care”—none of which are covered by your insurance company. You will be responsible for payment of those services.

Does my HSA or Flex account reimburse for chiropractic maintenance/wellness services?

Most HSA and Flex accounts will still reimburse you for these services.

What if I am an alumni and I get injured or my condition changes?
Can I file insurance as a GetRealU Alumni?

If your health condition changes from your current status as a [Golden Rule Alumni], your doctor will examine you for that condition/injury and the claims for those visits may be filed to your insurance company if the claims follow the guidelines of being medically necessary.

Is [Golden Rule Alumni] covered by Medicare?

No. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about chiropractic and Medicare.