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A letter from Dr. Loehr about COVID-19

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CORONOVIRUS INFO AT LOEHR HEALTH CENTER Let’s Come Together For Health’s Sake. Coronavirus is no fun for everyone. You’re tired of hearing about it and adjusting your life. We’re tired too. Please be kind to our team members. If you’d ...

What’s So Great About Kettlebells?

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By Dr. Joshua Roose, DO, CPT Kettlebells are a newcomer to the American fitness scene, even though they have been used for centuries in parts of Europe. Kettlebells started becoming mainstream in the United States in the late 1990s and ...
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X-rays In Weaubleau, MO

X-ray-on site
Loehr Health Center now proudly offers x-rays in Weaubleau, MO. No more driving to have x-rays taken and then waiting for the results! Often times, patients will schedule an appointment with their chiropractor, be referred elsewhere for x-rays, or have ...
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Treat Your Feet

FREE FOOT SOAK Treat your feet with a complimentary foot soak! Take a few minutes to unwind and relax with Licensed Massage Therapist, Dale Nimmo, at Loehr Health in our community room at the Springfield Farmers Park Clinic. Foot Soak ...
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Redefining Health Through Uncertainty 

Yes, we are open.
Yes, we’re open. Our clinic is categorized as an essential business, therefore our doors remain open and our services remain available. As long as patients are adhering to our COVID guidelines, we can treat them. We want to reassure you ...

Boost Your Immune System In One Hour

electro lymphatic drainage
A key factor to keeping your immune system functioning properly is to help the body eliminate toxins and waste. The lymphatic system may need assistance to help detox your body. This is where electro-lymphatic drainage can help. How does the ...

Maintaining Balance In A World Out Of Balance

maintaining balance in a world out of balance
We are in unprecedented times in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the world around us and our day-to-day is changing drastically, our mission at Loehr Health Center remains the same:  to empower and lead our patients, employees, and ...

Everything You Want To Know About Electro-Lymphatic Drainage

Do you ever have that sluggish feeling? You’ve drank water, rested, taken some vitamin C, and cannot, “kick” that feeling? Your lymph system may be the culprit of your symptoms. What is the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is vital ...
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7 Worst Mistakes to Avoid After An Auto Accident

Getting into an auto accident creates a series of events in motion that aren’t always resolved easily or quickly. Injuries are sustained, even in low-speed impacts. Roadworthy looking vehicles are totaled. Medical care comes into play, information needs to be ...

Why Daith Piercings Work, and Why We Don’t Recommend Them

Daith piercings are an unconventional approach to migraine relief that some migraine sufferers swear by.  The  theory for the daith piercing is along the same idea as acupuncture. The short story is that daith piercings are not acupuncture, and we ...
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