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Docs Share Wellness Advice & Tips on New Blog

Press Release July 15, 2014

SPRINGFIELD, MO —The Loehr Health Center blog is all about extending another service to support patient health and wellness. Topics already covered include everything from giggly laughter and how to make Breakfast Ice Cream to practical health advice directly from the mouth of your local doctors.

The weekly blog will feature each doctor (Dr. Loehr, Dr. Baca, Dr. LaBrie, and Dr. Johnson) discussing:

  • Specialties—each doctor will share a topic centered around his or her specialty
    • x. Dr. Kory Johnson who specializes in sports wrote, “How To Choose Shoes”
  • Experience—‘Guest’ bloggers (anyone who is not a Loehr Chiro doctor) may write about his or her experience with chiropractic treatment seeing a doctor from Loehr Health Center
    • x. Brittany Zachary has begun a series of posts about her son who has Aspberger’s Syndrome (High Functioning Autism) which will conclude with how regular chiropractic adjustments have affected his behavior
  • Tips—recipes and anything ‘Pinterest-ing’ will also be available via the blog
    • x. Recipe for Breakfast Ice Cream

Marketing Director Brittany Zachary shared, “We are more than a doctor’s office or a place where back pain is relieved. Our blog is another resource for the community to learn about what makes our doctors unique. Loehr Chiro is a place online and in-office where families, power-lifters, and yogis alike can learn how to live a healthy life and maintain it.”

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