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Loehr Chiro Continues Attracting Young Talent


CONTACT: Brittany Zachary—Marketing Director

One of the many challenges an entrepreneur faces is how to create a workplace environment that attracts and retains talented employees. Dr. Steven Loehr, Owner of Loehr Health Center in Springfield, MO, has rapidly grown his business in just over one year by cultivating a workplace that connects with the upcoming workforce.

What Attracts Gen Z Employees?

According to a 2014 Randstand US and Millennial Branding workplace study, Gen Y and Gen Z are inclined to choose a company based on factors other than money. Factors that attract talent to businesses, like Loehr Chiro, are:

  • Wellness program
  • Honest leadership
  • Clear Vision
  • Co-working space/in-person meetings
  • Family environment
  • Opportunity to learn/advancement
  • Sense of purpose
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

“The doctors aren’t just trying to encourage the patients to live a healthy lifestyle, but the employees as well,”-Mikayla Atchison

New Employees’ Feedback Reinforces Research

Recently, students Jordan Rackers and Mikayla Atchison joined the team at Loehr Health Center. Jordan and Mikayla, respectively, worked as a Medical Assistant at Missouri Vein Care in Jefferson City and a Customer Service Representative at Digital Monitoring Products in Springfield, MO.

Both shared that the family environment and mission of helping patients live healthier lives are primary factors contributing to why they enjoy their new positions as Chiropractic Assistant and Administrative Assistant. “My favorite part of working at Loehr Chiro is the relaxed and lighthearted environment. It’s great to see that everyone’s #1 priority is providing outstanding patient care, but we can still have fun while doing it!” exclaimed Jordan.

Jordan continued, “This position really opens my eyes to all the possibilities within healthcare. It is an awesome opportunity to work with a great team and to help make a difference in patients’ lives! I feel very lucky to be a part of Loehr Chiropractic and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!”

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