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Loehr Chiro Launches Website

SPRINGFIELD, MO —Loehr Health Center is pleased to announce the launch of its website—https://loehrhealth.com. “We really wanted to take the time to develop a website that was most beneficial to our patients, community, and partners. The atmosphere of our office is cheerful, and the doctors are very personable. I’m thankful to be part of the Loehr Chiro team and have developed this with Nathan Colba and Jacob Neimeyer at Baseline Media who integrated those elements of our office through design. They truly understand what it takes to create a site that works for all stakeholders,” stated Brittany Zachary.

Loehr Chiropractic and Baseline focused on one primary element when developing the website—user-friendly. Features of the site include:

  • Nothing ‘Flash-y’—the clean and responsive design allows compatibility with both browsers and mobile devices. Nothing requires Flash Player which usually takes longer to load a page.
  • No Doctorate required—unlike some medical sites, medical jargon on LoehrChiro.com is minimal. Visitors can explore and understand services, techniques, benefits, and process before even scheduling an appointment directly from the site.
  • Continued Connection—the fourth aspect of patient care at Loehr Chiro is Patients can receive a variety of health and lifestyle support through:
    • Facebook—promotions and behind-the-scenes office activities
    • Twitter—health and lifestyle news, and event updates
    • YouTube—Explainer video and FAQs to come soon
    • Instagram—behind-the-scenes fun
    • Pinterest—recipes, exercises, and info-graphics galore
    • Blog—health articles from the doctors, recipes, and exercises
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