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Team Growth Continues



The team at Loehr Health Center continues to expand and welcome fresh faces into the expanding practice. “It’s been amazing to be part of a group of physicians and staff who excel in not only their role, but finding ways to support one another. We’re each other’s cheerleaders, and I think that’s one factor that makes us unique at Loehr Chiro,” shared Dr. Aimee LaBrie.

New team members include the addition of two chiropractic assistants, Chandler Grega and Adam Loehr, and Administrative Assistant Joetta Kessler. When asked why they chose to begin their position at Loehr, new comers agree that the positive office environment is a key factor.

“Loehr cares about his employees in a completely different way. There are countless times he asks me to do something simple like a therapy, and he ALWAYS thanks me for doing it. (Even though it’s what I’m there to do.) …I feel like hard work is actually noticed and appreciated,” stated Chandler. Adam elaborated, “I like working at Loehr Chiro, because everyone meshes well so the day goes by fast, and I like being able to go to work knowing that someone I come into contact with will make me smile.”

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