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ACE Youth Fitness

Don’t wait to teach and establish healthy fitness habits.

How do you know if the ACE Youth Fitness Program is a good option for you or your child?


You are troubled by the alarming rates of childhood physical inactivity.


Instilling necessary skills to improve your child or teen’s overall health is important.


You know, “it takes a village.”


There are specific areas (ex. athletics) that you want guidance from an expert on.


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What health conditions during childhood and adolescence may regular physical activity help?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 18.5% of children and adolescents—a total of 13.7 million—are affected by obesity. For the first time in our history, young people have a lower life expectancy than the generation before them.

Exercising while a child or adolescent can help:

  • Motor skills (ex. hand-eye coordination)
  • Brain function (Attention, learning, and problem-solving)
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Develop fundamental movement skills
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Build strong bones and muscles
  • Increase heart health
  • Regulate hormones (teens)
  • And more!

What is ACE?

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) is the leading exercise professional and health coach certification organization. As an ACE Youth Fitness Trainer, our goal is to get get people–and especially kiddos–moving.

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Healthy families are our specialty.

The ACE Youth Fitness program is designed with five methods to help kids be physically active. The program includes age and skill-level appropriate activities and game. The ACE Youth Fitness Program isn’t about getting kids on an, “exercise regimen”.  We work to help teach about physical activities that our students can use throughout their entire life.

Giving the gift of fitness helps teach young people the tools they need to pursue a healthy life using safe, effective, and age-appropriate strategies.

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Understand your ACE Youth Fitness Program.

ACE Youth Fitness FAQs and Answers

What is ACE Youth Fitness?

ACE Youth Fitness is a specialized program developed by the American Council on Exercise (ACE).
It is specifically designed to help kids of all ages and abilities be able to lead a healthier life.

Do you have to be a patient to participate in the ACE Youth Fitness training program?

No, you do not have to be a patient at Loehr Health Center to participate in the ACE Youth Fitness program.


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