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Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Body-Swing Connection

Golf Training

Surgery should be a last resort. Help your body heal itself.

How do you know if the TPI Body-Swing Connection™ Golf Training Program is a good option for you?


Your golf game could use some improvement.


You recognize that improved fitness, biomechanics, and health are part of being a better golfer.


“High performance” isn’t a goal for you. It’s the minimum standard.


You know that TPI ® Certified Trainers surpass the competition.

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What kinds of things can a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Expert help with?

TPI ® Certified professionals go through training to give them the necessary skills to identify what is going on in the mechanics of your body that causes you to swing the way you do.

Our Titleist Performance Institute ® Certified Trainers are able to help:

  • Create exercise programs that are designed to build strength, speed, mobility, and stability for golfers
  • Recognize the body, biomechanics, and club fitting in order to maximize a student’s ability to create power
  • And more!

TPI ® Certified training means you’re looking to play at the top of YOUR game.

Golf fitness training isn’t about being like a power lifter or winning the Master’s…although, 25 of the top 30 golfers in the world are advised by a TPI ® Certified Expert. Our goal is to help you improve and be your best. We will work with you to develop a customized plan and provide one-on-one feedback along the way.


What is the Body-Swing Connection?


The Body-Swing Connection ™ is the foundation that drives everything at TPI: how efficiency and common swing characteristics are related to how the body is functioning. During a Body-Swing Connection Assessment, a TPI ® Certified expert will evaluate your physical capabilities and correlate the movements to the technical elements of your golf swing. This assessment helps determine what exercises you need in your customized golf fitness plan.

Here are a few examples of how the Body-Swing Connection™ Assessment is used on a professional level:

Understand your golf training.

TPI ® Golf Training FAQs and Answers

What does it mean for a healthcare professional to be TPI ® Certified?

This means that an individual has successfully completed courses with the world-renowned Titleist Performance Institute ® and uses TPI’s Body-Swing Connection™ program to guide clients in the proper biomechanics of golf movements. We currently have a sports chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Cleous, and an athletic trainer, Jason Hall, that are TPI Certified professionals.

Do you replace my golf swing coach?

Improving your biomechanics correlates with improving your swing. However, our TPI experts are not a replacement for a swing coach. Both professionals are evaluating different technical elements of the swing and work together to help the golfer.

Do I have to be a current patient or established patient to see a TPI Performance Institute Certified golf trainer?

No, you do not need to be a patient to be a golf fitness client.

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