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Dr. Jordan Abercrombie


Dr. Jordan Abercrombie

Chiropractor and Acupuncturist
22576 Main St, Weaubleau, MO 65774

Dr. Jordan Abercrombie joined the team in December 2019.

Dr. Abercrombie shared he enjoys helping patients at Loehr Heath because, “Loehr Health Center aligns with everything I have ever stood for. Approaching someone’s overall healthcare encompasses not just one aspect of the body, but to treat all aspects. We dig deeper than most getting to the origin of the problem while continuing to care for people in a preventative manner. Changing healthcare is a dream of my mother’s, a dream of Dr. Loehr’s, and is a dream of mine. The empathy and passion our team exudes to care for patients at Loehr Health Center is unmatched, No one works harder or longer for patients than the doctors at this company. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?!”

In addition to helping patients, Dr. Abercrombie shares his love of learning with his students at Bolivar Technical College in Bolivar, MO where he teaches anatomy and physiology II.

You can read about Dr. Abercrombie’s experience and credentials below.


  • Cleveland University – Kansas City, MO
    • Doctor of Chiropractic, Class of 2020
  • Pittsburg State University – Pittsburg, KS
    • Bachelor of Science in Biology/Chemistry, Class of 2015


  • Loehr Health Center
    • Chiropractor: August 2020 – present
  • Bolivar Technical College – Bolivar, MO
    • Adjunct Professor of Anatomy and Physiology: August 2020-present
  • Loehr Health Center
    • Preceptor: December 2019 – August 2020
  • CMH – Bolivar, MO
    • Phlebotomist: 2015 – 2016
  • Via Christi Health
    • Phlebotomist/Pathology Assistant: 2011-2015


  • Pregnancy Chiropractic
  • Holistic Pediatrics
  • Acupuncture
  • Sole Supports™ certified provider (custom orthotics)


  • Webster Technique Certified
  • Meridian Therapy Acupressure Acupuncture (MTAA) Certified from the American Society of Acupuncture
  • Certificate in Pediatrics from the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (CACCP)
    • In progress

Professional Affiliations

  • Missouri State Chiropractic Association
  • Springfield Chamber of Commerce

Non-profit Affiliations

  • Visit our partners page to see a complete (and growing) list of community partners.


Native to: Stockton, MO

First job: Milking cows and hauling hay

Why did you become a chiropractor?
I always knew I wanted to help people, because I was always interested in my mother’s stories and care of her patients. However, I really knew I wanted to do chiropractic after working in hospitals in college as a phlebotomist (drawing blood).  I saw so many people that got better and were helped, but the other half continued to return and were considered, “regulars.” This really bothered me.  I began looking into preventative medicine and found chiropractic as a great way to naturally improve health.

What do you enjoy most about being a doctor?
When that patient who comes in on the first visit is in so much pain or discomfort, their hope is minimal. They have little faith that this will get better. Then, on that visit when they really begin to see life changing relief and their overall ability to do something they love being restored, you begin see the desire and faith brighten their face. That is my favorite feeling ever!!!

Who was the biggest influence on your career?
My mother and father both love helping others. Giving to others has always brought joy to them. Growing up with this example has instilled a lot of these traits of being caring, passionate, and empathetic  for others. My mother has been an inspiration to me choosing to be a doctor. As a kid, I was always interested in the stories at night, not from a book, but from my mother’s day of helping or struggling to try to help others as a nurse practitioner or as a nurse midwife. I have also embraced my teacher role (doctor in Latin meaning, “teacher”), and I love educating my patients like my father educated his students.

Where can we find you when you’re not working?
You can find me coaching Mighty Mite football, coaching traveling softball for my daughter’s team, teaching a Bolivar technical college, or spending time with family anywhere possible.

What is your goal as a parent?
I want to teach respect, hard work, how to be a good person and always try to improve on that idea, teach them good character, and have a hard work ethic. My job is to always hold them accountable and make sure they understand that they won’t ever get what they don’t earn. These are all goals I hope to consistently teach my kids by word of mouth and by my actions.

If you could possess one super-hero power, what would it be?
Mind reading — so I could always tell someone’s real truth and not what most just tell you because they’re afraid to be vulnerable.

What is your favorite food?

If you weren’t a doctor, what job would you be doing?
Teacher/coach/police officer/military

What’s the one problem you’re best at solving for your patients?
Understanding — I am always very thorough. I like to teach/educate my patients, because truly understanding how something works is the real truth to proper growth.