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Dr. Lindsay Bogue

Dr. Lindsay Bogue

Dr. Lindsay Bogue

2144 E. Republic Rd., Ste. A-104, Springfield, MO 65804

Dr. Lindsay Bogue began helping patients redefine their health as a chiropractor at Loehr Health Center in April 2023.

When not assisting patients at the office, Dr. Bogue enjoys, “the accessibility to the outdoors and the beautiful scenery the Ozarks has to offer. I love the proximity to so many different water features such as rivers, lakes, and small creeks that remind me of the ones I grew up playing in.”

You can read about Dr. Bogue’s experience and credentials below.


  • Cleveland University: January 2023– Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Ozarks Technical Community College
  • Missouri State University


  • Loehr Health Center: April 2023-present
  • CUKC Outpatient Clinic Internship: 2021-2023


  • Webster Certified
  • Currently seeking ICPA certification, anticipated completion summer 2023
  • Sole Supports certified provider (custom orthotics)


  • Pregnancy Chiropractics
  • Holistic Pediatrics

Professional Affiliations

  • International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA)
  • Springfield Chamber of Commerce


Native to: Weaubleau, MO

First job: Smith’s Restaurant

What skills do you have that help you stand out from others in the field?I am an extremely empathetic person, which allows me to put myself in my patients’ shoes to best determine what it is that they need from me with regards to not only physical health, but mental health as well. I feel that this helps me to individualize each patient interaction so that the care I give is being specifically tailored for each patient.

Why did you want to become a chiropractor?I originally wanted to be a pharmacist, but when I started working in a pharmacy, I saw how unhappy the environment was and how stressed and unhealthy everyone was, which made me start to think that there had to be a different way to achieve health/wellness. My uncle is a chiropractor and after a couple of conversations with him about what healthcare should look like, I was sold. I enrolled in chiropractic college shortly after that conversation and I haven’t looked back since. I have always had a more holistic outlook on health and chiropractic made more sense for me to pursue than a system I never really believed in.

Where can we find you when you are not working?In my free time I really enjoy doing any outside activity, including disc golfing, kayaking, hiking, camping, or just sitting by the water somewhere and enjoying the views. When the weather does not allow these activites, I enjoy reading, crafting, and playing with my pets.

Who was the biggest influence on your career?This is a toss up between my mom and my uncle. My mom for never letting me believe anything other than that I can accomplish anything I want to achieve in life, and for picking me up every time I fell and teaching me to stand on my own. And my uncle, for paving the way for the profession I fell in love with, and for showing me how to make your dreams a reality, and for loving me and helping to mold me into who I am when he never had an obligation to do these things.

What is your favorite food?My mom’s lasagna!

What is your favorite quote?“After a while you learn that even sunlight burns if you get too much, so you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.”  -Veronica A. Shoffstall