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4 Tips for an Ergonomic Desk

How do I make sure my work space ergonomically correct?

Ergonomics in the work place make a huge difference. A lot of patients come to me with neck pain, shoulder pain, pain in their upper back, and lower back. It can all be addressed with proper ergonomics. Check and adjust the following 4 things to improve your work space.

  1. Get your computer monitor at eye level.
    Your eyes should be at the middle of your screen so that you are not straining your neck up or down to look at it.
  2. Make sure you have lumbar support in your chair.
    The curve in your back helps your posture and levels out your shoulders.
  3. Place your keyboard where your hands will rest naturally.
    The keyboard should be directly between you and your computer monitor. It should not be off to the side. You should not have to turn your head to look at the monitor from your typing position.
  4. Move your mouse.
    The computer mouse should be placed where your hand falls naturally on the desk when your arm is bent. You should not be stretching forward to control the mouse or have the mouse so close that your shoulder raises when moving it.

Please view the video for a demonstration of how to implement the above steps. Have a specific question about ergonomics in your work space? Let us know by commenting below.

[youtube id=”oVBnsCIIey4″]

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