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5 Healthy Living Bloggers Moms Need to Know

After using my favorite online medical websites to research the connection between my son’s developmental delays and behavior, I decided that preventative wellness care was the best chance my autistic son had to increase his skills. Yes, he has high-functioning autism. Although he is higher on the autistic spectrum, he still has trouble focusing on anything except his own interests. His motor skills need improvement, and he has an extremely difficult time understanding emotions the way most people do. I wanted to do everything I could to learn what needed to be done without medication. After reading about different treatments at Generation Rescue (https://www.generationrescue.org/), I began reading mom blogs on a regular basis to help me with natural meal planning and learn about development in terms I could understand as a non-medical professional. Here are five blogs that can help you raise little ones, naturally:

My-fussy-icon1. My Fussy Eater
I am a pretty big fan of sneaking vegetables into dishes like butternut squash into spaghetti sauce. It makes introducing new foods easier. My kids have already acquired a taste for the food, before it, “appears” on their plate. Mom blogger Ciara finds wondrous ways to ease veggie trepidation for picky children (like my son) and adults alike. This healthy food blog turns even the most bitter vegetables (like beets and cauliflower) into Instafood masterpieces. There is a broad range of recipes from Parsnip Fries and Brussels Sprouts Salad with Bacon & Pomegranate to chickpea Nutella cookies and Gluten-free red velvet pancakes.

You are missing out if you haven’t met local birth coach, doula, and certified lactation consultant Julie White. Her blog posts over at JuJuBabies give expecting moms insight into understanding contractions, epidurals, and childbirth classes. If you want to know about,” birthin’ babies? no problemo” Julie will take great care of you. You can learn more about classes at our office with Julie by clicking here.

the-inspired-treehouse_icon3. The Inspired Treehouse
Lauren and Claire share their experience as pediatric occupational and physical therapists over at The Inspired Treehouse. They use their clinical experience to provide fun and informative play activities that promote development and wellness. Activities are categorized by age, which makes searching for your little one’s games much easier. There are free printable activities by clicking here.

Once-a-month-meals-icon4. Once a Month Meals
The most difficult part of feeding my family a healthy meal is feeling like there is a lack of time between work, school, doctor’s appointments, baseball practice, dance practice…AKA the modern life of every millennial family. Whenever I fall off of the meal planning path, Once A Month Meals (OAMM) is always there to help put me back on track. This blog turned meal prep system, has easy-to-follow freezer cooking menus for even the most basic chefs. I love this site, because the OAMM team provides menus for many types of diets including: Paleo, Vegetarian, Gluten free, dairy free, and even babies! The system has very clear directions and the blog is a wealth of information from other busy families enjoying more time around the dinner table together.

Loehr5. Loehr Health Center
You didn’t think I would forget our blog, did you? One of the awesome parts about Loehr Chiro is that our entire team believes in living a healthy life, but we are still a diverse group of individuals. All of us have different ways we work to achieve our health goals for ourselves and our family. Chiropractic care is obviously a huge part of wellness at our office. “Attitude adjustments” are great for me and my kids, but I learn so many other practical ways to help my family at our office every day. Then, I get to share it with YOU! It’s pretty great. Our team writes blog posts to share health information with our followers in greater detail than a Tweet can provide. If you like this post, sign-up for our enewsletter via the box below and continue learning how to empower your family to live naturally. You can also schedule an appointment to discuss your specific health questions by clicking here.

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