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8 Pregnancy Apps for Moms-To-Be

We’ve rounded up a list of 8 awesome pregnancy apps for expecting mothers. With apps ranging from finding the origin of baby names to tracking your baby’s development or creating a list of questions to discuss with your doctor–this list of best pregnancy apps will help guide you (or someone you know and love!) in preparation for your little one’s arrival!


1. Bellysnaps – Bellysnaps allows moms to take and track pictures of their pregnancy from your phone. It also allows you to create digital announcements to share. The app is .99 cents on the iTunes store, but worth the price if you’re going to use it for your entire pregnancy.


2. Cloud Baby Monitor – The Cloud Baby Monitor app merges live stream video with audio between your Apple devices. No more packing separate baby monitors for holiday weekends away from home. The app is $3.99 and available on iOS.


3. Cinemama – Watch your belly grow with this FREE app released from March of Dimes. Cinemama allows expecting parents to create a time-lapse video of their pregnancy and have access to free health tips.


4. Cute Fruit – Wondering about the size of your baby? Cute Fruit is the, “Cutest way to track your baby’s growth!” You can log-in to see how your baby is progressing relative to, “cute fruit”. This app is FREE on iOS.


5. Baby Sleep Sounds – Monotonous noises can be very soothing for a baby, but re-starting the washing machine or turning on the blow dryer might become a bit tiresome. Baby Sleep Sounds offers a variety of white noises to help baby (and parents) sleep soundly. FREE on iOS.


6. Baby Shusher – Is a revolutionary app that takes sleep machines to the next level. The app has a Sound Equalizer which adjusts the volume according to your baby’s cry, timer options, and custom recording features. Apple $4.99 and Android $2.97


7. Pregnancy Sprout – Sprout pairs tracking your baby’s progress, with weekly advice, and to-dos throughout your pregnancy. Expecting moms can also time their contractions, and create lists of questions to be discussed at her upcoming appointments. Healthy pregnancy apps, like Sprout, help create a dialogue between expecting parents and all members of the birth team. $3.99 on the app store.


8. Baby Names – Baby Names is a fun way to choose and research over 30,000 names dating back to 1880! You can search, save, and share your favorites all from one app. FREE on iOS and Andorid.

Sometimes…there’s not an app for that. If you have additional questions about your pregnancy or newborn, please contact us today.

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