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A Natural Treatment for Ear Infections

Acute otitis media, or ear infections, aren’t uncommon among adults, but it’s children who get them the most. If your child is suffering from an ear infection, you may notice him or her tugging at the ear, complaining of pain, or even crying. Sometimes the condition will cause a fever, and it nearly always produces discomfort. Children suffering from ear infections often can’t attend school, go on playdates, or sleep through the night (much to their parents’ dismay). Unsurprisingly, parents wish to treat their children’s ear infections as soon as possible. Although medical options are available, many moms and dads seek a natural treatment for ear infections. If that sounds like you, read on — we can help you relieve your child’s earache through natural methods.

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A Natural Treatment for Ear Infections

What Is Causing My Child’s Ear Infection?

Before we dive into remedies, it may help to understand why the infection happened in the first place. In general, ear infections occur because there is a buildup of fluid in the middle ear: the area behind your eardrum. This creates pressure behind the eardrum, which causes the person discomfort or pain. Often, this is caused by another health problem (a respiratory issue, a virus, or allergies), but that isn’t always the case — sometimes the ear’s fluids simply don’t drain.

Children get more ear infections than adults because their ear canals are not slanted like an adult’s, meaning gravity doesn’t have as much power to drain fluids from the middle ear.

Chiropractic Treatment

Are you looking for a natural treatment for ear infections? Believe it or not, chiropractic care offers this. While many medical doctors will prescribe pain relievers or antibiotics, chiropractors take a different approach. A chiropractor can treat your child’s ear infections naturally, without the use of antibiotics or other medications.

There’s a biological, anatomical reason chiropractors can treat ear infections so effectively. At the very top of the spine, there are projections that run alongside a person’s Eustachian tubes — the part of the body connecting your ear to your respiratory system. If the spine misaligns (even just slightly), it can affect drainage in your middle ear and cause infections.

That’s where spinal adjustments come in. Chiropractors will perform a very light adjustment on a child with an ear infection, sometimes only lightly tapping on the sides of the neck to correct any misalignments. This will reduce the swelling surrounding the Eustachian tubes, and the ear infection should clear within a few days.

Other Treatments

If you’re seeking a natural treatment for ear infections, chiropractic care isn’t your only option. Have a look at these other routes you could take:

  • Apply heat to the ear. Hold a warm washcloth to your child’s ear. Often, the heat can help reduce your child’s pain.
  • Have your child rest. In many cases, plenty of rest can clear up the infection quickly and naturally.
  • Give your child lots of fluids. Like many illnesses, drinking plenty of water and some juice can help drown out the infection. For meals, give your young one a bowl of soup.
  • Try garlic oil. Many parents tout the benefits of garlic oil as an ear drop, as garlic is known among natural medicine enthusiasts as a natural antibiotic. Garlic’s spice can sometimes be intense for a child’s skin, so stick to one small drop per ear (or dilute the oil with water or coconut oil).
  • Look into whether it’s allergy related. As we noted above, sometimes allergies cause ear infections. If you haven’t already, have your child tested for allergies and see if you can spot a pattern between exposure to allergies and ear infections. You may be able to prevent more ear infections from occurring in the future.


Different parents want different things for their children. Some may be perfectly fine with (or even prefer) antibiotics, while others want a natural treatment for ear infections. Know your options, seek treatment ASAP, and your little one should be feeling better in no time.

Are you looking for a natural treatment for ear infections? Contact Loehr Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Springfield, Missouri. We are proud to offer high-quality pediatric care that will get your little one back to normal as soon as possible. If you would like more information or are ready to book an appointment today, contact us via phone at 417-887-8075 or by email at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

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