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Be Healthier in Less Than 5 Minutes

by Caitlin Kissee, Director of Community Relations

There are a variety of things you can do to be healthier—eat your vegetables, exercise, drink more water, etc. We agree that you should do all of those things. However, for optimal healthy living, you need to begin at the foundation of your health—the spine. Your body cannot reach its potential without its nervous system functioning normally, as it regulates all other systems (like your digestive system) in the body. You need to receive chiropractic adjustments not only for pain management, but for wellness maintenance. The goal of chiropractic is to help you achieve and maintain optimum wellness. The best part? The foundation of what we do—spinal adjustments—usually takes 5-10 minutes and yields a large range of benefits. For me? Less than 3 minutes to a healthier me!

When I started working with Loehr Health Center last October, I began to make a conscious effort to understand the perceptions of and hesitation surrounding chiropractic care that my friends and colleagues had, and I quickly found out that many people are afraid of the unknown. It’s like that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when waiting in line for the newest thrill ride at the amusement park…that lingering thought of “what am I about to get myself into?!” Stepping into others’ shoes, I could see how the thought of someone “cranking,” “jerking,” or “yanking” (their words, not mine) one’s back and/or neck could invoke terror and an aversion to chiropractic care!

I’ve been getting chiropractic adjustments since I was 12 or 13 years old, and before that, I’d been watching my dad get adjusted for as long as I can remember. Plus, full disclaimer (sheepishly), growing up a dancer, I was never a stranger to popping and cracking anything that has a joint! So, I’d never given much thought to being afraid of an adjustment. In fact, now well into the second decade of my chiropractic care, I look forward to my adjustments, and often find them rather therapeutic.

While I’m no doctor (don’t let the scrubs fool you) and therefore won’t try to explain the clinical side of an adjustment (You can read more about that by clicking here), I’d love to share my own experience getting an adjustment with all of you in easiest way I could think up – invite you “in” to my adjustment.

[youtube id=”dCjikefQmz4″]

Hopefully, allowing you to see me get adjusted takes some of the fear, or at least some of the unknown, out of chiropractic care for you. I hope that allowing you to see me get adjusted has answered some of the lingering questions in your mind and has given you some confidence in the level of care provided at Loehr Health Center. In the very least, I hope that allowing you to see me get adjusted has given you the confidence you need to further explore how chiropractic care can make you a healthier you!

Are you searching for ways to be healthier? You can schedule an appointment to experience an adjustment by clicking here now.

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