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Rethinking Health

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Rethinking Health

By Jordan Rackers

Imagine a day when we go to the doctor to have the right food and exercise prescribed versus the right pill. We explain our symptoms and the doctor helps create a health plan instead of signing for a prescription. Far too often we don’t think about retaining our health until we have fallen ill or had an injury. It takes something drastic to shift our focus to regaining our previous life and abilities. As soon as we are prevented from doing our daily activities, we turn to a doctor for an answer. Suddenly our health becomes our primary focus and we will dedicate all our time and money towards alleviating whatever ails us. What if instead we lived our daily lives in a way that promotes happiness and longevity?

You can’t blame us; we’ve been taught for a very long time that the only way to heal ourselves comes from prescription drugs or a scalpel. There is conflicting and inaccurate information everywhere we look. From a very young age, we are often taught that we go to the doctor when not feeling well and there we will receive medicine that will cure us.

Whereas medication can be completely necessary in some situations, there are just some things a pill cannot do. Pills cannot give us the sense of accomplishment that result from a difficult workout where we pushed our body to its full capability and didn’t give up. They cannot give us the confidence that comes from rocking that new outfit and feeling good while you’re at it! They will not teach us to listen to our bodies and to fuel ourselves with the proper nutrition to get us through the day. When we believe that medicine is a cure-all, it is easy to rely on it for when we fall ill rather than to take the appropriate measures to prevent the illness all together.

Congrats to those of us who do our part to be the best we can, do our research, listen to our bodies, and make choices that will prevent these measures. It takes discipline, putting in the extra effort, and thinking about the big picture instead of what will satisfy us in the moment.

Imagine a procedure as drastic as back surgery being prevented with the daily practice of yoga or regular chiropractic adjustments. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could exercise instead of taking anxiety medicines to help cope with stress? What if you could prevent diabetes by adjusting what you buy at the grocery store and order when eating out? If resistance training could prevent osteoporosis, would you make it part of your daily routine? All of these practices are easier said than done of course. They require a daily commitment to being active and making wise nutritional decisions.

You may be asking yourself: What kind of activity should I be doing? I see all of these diets and restrictions out there, what is the right choice for me? What is the truth about “healthy” eating? It can be overwhelming. Simply put, the idea is to sit less, move more, and move often. Getting just 30 minutes of activity per day can significantly lower your risk for many chronic diseases. If this sounds too difficult, do you think you could find three 10-minute pockets of time during the day to be active? Or could you wake up thirty minutes earlier each day in order to find that uninterrupted time for exercise to make a positive impact on your overall health? Simply standing up to move around every hour throughout the day can help you avoid the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. As far as nutrition, avoiding processed foods and added sugar is a great start! Filling your plate with non-starchy vegetables, fruit, and lean meats is the way to go!

Keep in mind that every “body” is different and breaks down foods uniquely based on our DNA. Further testing and expert advisement could be beneficial if you find yourself feeling “blah” or even weight loss resistant despite consuming a balanced diet and exercising. You may want to consider scheduling a consultation with one of our doctors who could help answer your questions, order diagnostic tests, or refer you in the right direction according to your specific needs. They will help you create a plan to get you on the right start to living a healthier life. Here at Loehr Chiropractic & Acupuncture, our vision is to redefine the standard of health and wellness. Let us help you get on track! To schedule an appointment in our office, please click here. We would love to help discover a healthier and happier you!

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