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Non-Surgical Treatments You Need To Know About For A Bulging Disc

Do you have a bulging disc that is getting in the way of your daily activities? You’re not alone. Having a bulging or herniated disc is more likely as you get older. The discs can lose the fluid, structure, and elasticity. The good news is that there are treatments to prevent disc damage from worsening or improve your condition—without drugs or surgery.


What Is A Bulging Disc?

A bulging disc is when the inner nucleus of a vertebral disc protrudes to its outer layer. Symptoms typically do not result from a bulging disc until it is in contact with nerves or other tissues.

What Causes A Bulging Disc?

A bulging disc can be caused by a large amount of pressure on the disc—potentially from a trauma. Or, it can result from degeneration or other factors.

What Non-surgical Treatments Are There For A Bulging Disc?

There are many non-surgical treatments to help alleviate the pain and symptoms resulting from a bulging disc. Your doctor will determine which treatments may be right for you. These may include:

What Is Non-surgical Spinal Decompression?

Of the non-surgical treatments listed, spinal decompression works by gently stretching out the spine. This reduces the pressure on the gel-like cushions between the bones in your spine called discs. By removing the pressure off of the discs, the discs are no longer putting pressure on the surrounding nerves and tissues which allows the discs to heal.

Does Spinal Decompression Work?
Yes, there are multiple studies that show decompression works to help the discs heal and promote healing in the body. Here are some facts to consider:

  • Relieving the pressure off of the discs using decompression therapy increased the disc height and was associated with decreased low back pain. ( BMC Musculoskelet Discord )
  • 71% of 778 patients successfully reduced their pain down to a 0-1 on a pain scale. They also saw improvement in their mobility and daily activities. (Neurological Research)
  • Patients were from twenty-two medical centers with a diagnosis of herniated disc, degenerative disc, or facet syndrome, which were confirmed by diagnostic imaging, were included in this study.
    The patients received at least ten sessions.
  • Patients who received decompression therapy had less pain even 2 years after having treatment (Journal of Physical Therapy Science).

How Is Non-surgical Spinal Decompression Done?
Treatments are done by lying on a decompression table. You are fully clothed during decompression therapy. Depending on which areas of the spine you are receiving cervical decompression for, you will have a harness wrapped around your pelvis. The computer will be set, so that there is a gentle and controlled stretch to alleviate the pressure on the discs. It will be programmed and customized to your needs.

Your treatment may last anywhere from 15-20 minutes. The number of decompression treatments you receive will depend on your diagnostic results and recommended treatment plan.

Spinal decompression therapy and other non-surgical treatments, like chiropractic care, can be an effective treatment for helping alleviate bulging discs.

To see what nonsurgical treatments could help alleviate your bulging disc, contact us at Loehr Chiropractic & Acupuncture. Our doctors will create a customized treatment plan to help you reduce pain and reach your health goals.